Hut to Hut Hiking in the White Mountains

We had backpacked our way into and out of the Grand Canyon, and hiked along the Highline Trail to Granite Park Chalet in Glacier National Park, so we were looking for a little something different along the Appalachian Trail.  It turns out that the Appalachian Trail Club maintains a series of Huts along the AT.  The huts we decided to go to were in the White Mountains of New Hampshire along the Southern Presidential Range.  Of course, getting there was half the fun.  We were scheduled to fly into Portland, Maine, but the pilot couldn’t get the plane on the ground and had to divert to Manchester from where we took a bus to Portland.   Needless to say, we arrived about 3 hours later than expected.  We were driving a rental over to Conway and spending the night in a Bed and Breakfast before heading up to ATC Lodge, however, we had no illusions that the doors of the B&B would be open after midnight, so we called ahead to the Bernerhof Inn and told them we’d be late.  They left a key outside in a secure place for us and we let ourselves in to the house in the middle of the night.   We met our hosts the next morning and were very grateful.  There are nice people all over the world and these innkeepers are some of the nicest. 

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The next morning we went for a local hike to a state park near Conway,

then headed up to the ATC Lodge to meet our group.  Early the next morning we crossed the road and headed up the access trail to the AT.  Look and the picture and tell me that access trail doesn’t look like a land slide

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  1. A little more detail on the hike over that land slide>

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