Smoky Mountains-Mount LeConte via Rainbow Falls Trail

We did our annual fall hike up  Mount LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park .  We may only make one hike up next year as we didn’t get a reservation at the lodge  for the fall in the lottery. For those who may not know, the picture below shows Mt. LeConte from a cabin we rented just above Gatlinburg.

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Mount LeConte from west of Gatlinburg

The lodge on top is between the two major peaks just to the right of the group of three peaks.I’ll  just caption the pictures and tell you the story in another post.

He was actually at the bottom of Rainbow Falls trail

a little fall foliage


The leaves were peak




Here are the falls.

The marker you’ve been waiting for.

The lodge office and lounge


Morning sky.

All of these pictures were taken by Mary.  She just lets me use them for your enjoyment.

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