Leaving Banff in the Morning

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It was time for us to leave Banff.


Welcome to Banff sign

The Banff city limit sign

So we said  good-by to the city limits of Banff before dawn and headed  west on the Trans-Canada Highway.


Sunrise near Banff

Painted skies over the Canadian Rockies near Banff

The sun began to paint the sky and brought the mountains into view.


Early morning near Banff on the Trans-Canada

Dawn near Banff

After dawn we soon encountered this bull on the side of the road.


Bull Elk along side the road near Banff, Canada

Bull Elk by the road near Banff

We had turned south and were headed toward Radium Springs when we met this fellow.

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Large Grizzly bear looks for roots for food along side road near Banff

Tagged Grizzly Bear along side the road near Banff

Banff is definitely a do again for us.



On the road to Radium Springs.

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