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Coeur d’Alene and Ironman Triathalon, too!

Share Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA (June 2012)   Near this tree on the banks of Lake Coeur d’Alene is a commemorative sign telling of the Native Americans who once gathered on the shores of the beautiful lake in northern Idaho.   After … Continue reading

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Monkeying around in the Amazon River Basin

Share You might expect to see some wildlife on a trip on the Amazon River and you will not be disappointed.  The most prevalent mammals you will see are the monkeys and you will see them when you least expect … Continue reading

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Hiking Capri: From Marina Grande to the top of Mt. Solora

Share Our Italian hiking trip to Capri found us staying on the southern side of the Island at Marina Piccola.  Although there are many fine hotels in the town of Capri, which sits astride the middle of the Isle de  … Continue reading

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Hiking the White Mountains: Hut to Hut

Share Hiking the Southern Presidential Range of the White Mountains along the Appalachian Trail  is a test for an outdoor adventurer of any level.  The mountains are beautiful, but the layer of soil over the granite building blocks of the … Continue reading

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The Amazon River: Getting wet

Share The Amazon River lodge where we stayed caters to an international clientele.  In the open boat that we used to get around in, our group of travelers included a 20 year old British girl seeing the world on her … Continue reading

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The Mayan Calendar and doomsday

Share The Mayan Calendar is said to be nearing the end of a “long count”, which is believed by some to signal an apocalyptic change.  On one of our trips to the Riviera Maya, we visited Chichen Itza which contains the ruins … Continue reading

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Goneguru’s Travel and Recreation Blog

Share I’m the Traveler at My wife is the Seer.  Together and separately we have had the great good fortune to have hiked, biked, run, traveled and enjoyed such places and things as: backpacking in the Grand Canyon, the White … Continue reading

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