Cycling Vermont

Seer and I, along with two sisters, decided to combine cycling, travel and the fall foliage of Vermont.  We didn’t want to ship the cycling bikes so we contacted POMG Bike Tours of Vermont at and arranged everything except the airline tickets.  We went in October and the foliage was amazing.  The cycling bikes Rich and Jenny provided were in great shape and had toe clips, although you probably would want to take your own pedals and clip system as well as your own  seat.  Rich rode with us and Jenny drove the SAG truck as needed. Our accommodations were in Stowe, so that was our starting point, dinner and rest destination each day.  I’m not sure what hills we climbed but Rich called them Ekk and Oh, My God.  They weren’t really difficult and didn’t really require cross-training, aka walking the bike up the hill, but we were assured that the LAMB gaps trek would test your cycling mettle.   Over dinner we discussed that more challenging route and an alternative where only two of the gaps per day were ridden. I think Rich  called it the LAMB Chop.

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